Catering Styles

Buffet or Plated?


We love buffets and the idea of self service. We have the chauffeurs, plates, and silverware you need. We have no problems with helping you to arrange a grand buffet or perhaps just a small self-service table for dessert. You let us know what you need and we will accommodate your needs.
We also like to do live service with one of our chefs cooking on site. If you want a special treat for your guests we can arrange for one of our chefs to cook up a hot fresh meal. Want a carving station? Not a problem. Just let us know and we will have a chef there to slice off that perfect end cut that you love.


Plated service for a formal meal and high end guests? Not a problem. We can arrange for servers and ensure that you have a plated meal hot and ready. One course, two course, three course, four? Each course will dazzle and leave you wanting more. Our service is fine dining. Want platinum service? Just say the word.

Best Catering Company in Atlanta – Well.. We Think So